Coaxial cables can be used for Tv/Sat purposes.Different qualities are available.

RF coaxial cables are used to carry radio frequency signals. They’re the standard input cable on TVs and feature a single pin which plugs into the RF input on a device.

Poor quality coaxial cable can impact TV reception, so it’s important to choose the best cable for the job.

Coaxial cable designed for domestic television should be 75 Ohm, with RG-6 coaxial being ideal for TV.

Coaxial cables are a popular choice because their shielded design allows the centre conductor to transmit data quickly while being protected from damage and interference.

Built up of these four different layers:

1.   A centre conductor which is usually a copper wire, which data and video travels through

2.   Surrounding the copper wire is a dielectric plastic insulator

3.   A braided mesh made from copper then helps to shield the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI)

4.  The external layer is a plastic coating which protects the internal layers from damage


Rf cable works by carrying data in the centre conductor, while the surrounding layers of shielding stop any signal loss (also called attenuation loss) and help reduce EMI.

The first layer, called the dielectric, provides distance between the core conductor and the outer layers, as well as some insulation.

The next layers, collectively referred to as the shield, keep electrical impulses and radio transmissions out.

Cable internet service uses the same cable network as cable television to provide your home with internet. First, your internet service provider sends a data signal through the coaxial cable, or coax cable, into your home—specifically, to your modem.

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