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  • NANO T265+


    The NANO T265+ is an innovative EDISION decoder, in DVB-T2 H265 HEVC Terrestrial Digital Receiver category, compatible with Terrestrial Digital and Cable signal, Full High Definition DVB-T2/C H265 HEVC. This Pocket-sized HDMI Dongle receiver provides easy connectivity with the TV and instant, practical functionality, with a rich selection of accessories, included the factory package, for you to enjoy your favorite TV shows wherever you want. It is the ideal choice, when the decoder is required not to be visible, maintaining the aesthetics of your space as you wish, as it is powered by the USB port of the TV, for easy and complete installation on the back of the TV. Extra compact design, extremely small dimensions, USB WiFi support for YouTube applications, Weather and Online software upgrade (with optional USB WiFi EDI-Mega) and Media Player functions with PVR** recording. It is also designed to be easily portable, with practically “invisible” installation, simply in an HDMI TV port, offering extra ease of use, with the IR extension cable and ergonomic and easy to use 2in1 remote control to operate the receiver and up to four (4) functions of *LG / SAMSUNG TVs or freely programmable

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  • PICCO T2


    Dimensions per package:50x29x18

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