HDMI modulators allow for digital HD video signals to be converted from HDMI, to another form, such as RF. They can also be used in professional settings where multiple sources need to be shared. Mostly by televisions and projectors using an HDMI connection

Are you looking for an easy and cost-effective way to connect your Full HD HDMI sources—such as your media player, Blu-ray player, satellite decoder, etc.—to the televisions in your house?

An HDMI-modulator can be the ideal solution to your issue.


Moreover, an HDMI Modulator allows you to share an HDMI device (such as a DVD player) over your home network by plugging it into the Modulator with the included HDMI cable, and plugging the modulator into your coaxial network. You then plug your coaxial network into each TV’s coaxial input for instant viewing.

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