Hide Receiver Change channels IR Extender

Model: SU102A
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IR Extender kit 1 IR Receiver and 2 IR Emitters


Modern family loves to hide all their home theater Audio/video systems and cables in the cabinet to keep things neat and tidy. However, remote controlling the A/V systems in the cabinet can be a frustration due to the inability of signal penetration from remote control to A/V systems within. No fuss or whatever, simply plug our ir extender kit and play. The next moment you will be on your couch enjoying remoting your A/V systems at ease.


Clean the surface of your A/V system. Stick the IR Emitter on the IR sensor of your A/V device.

Place the IR Receiver such that it is in line of sight with your remote control. It is advisable to place away from Plasma or CCFL screen as it may affect the remote control signal.

Connect the USB to USB Adaptor/ USB port of A/V system for power

Power up & all is ready to go.


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