149921 DAT-45 T-FORCE 5G LTE HD BOSS (21-48)

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TELEVES 149221





TELEVES 149221 ”V” ZENIT 5G LTE (21-48)32


The Televes T-Force B.O.S.S. technology is one of the main technical features of the 149921 DAT-45 T-FORCE 5G LTE HD BOSS antenna, which is designed and manufactured for the 5G LTE era. It receives the UHF channels from 21 up to 48 (MHZ 470 … 694), while it rejects the 5G LTE interferences upwards. This DAT T-Force B.O.S.S. antenna is designed to function either in Automatic(*) or Passive mode. Provided with *DC 12-24v it offers exceptional wide dynamic range coverage, with B.O.S.S. technology and gain up to 42db! Do not worry about signal strength, just align the antenna and the BOSS-Tech device will automatically reject 5G interference and will adjust the output signal to the optimum level (*), allowing the reception of high-quality TV in a variety of critical situations, from areas where signals are very weak to installations with high signal levels. With 149921 DAT-45 T-FORCE 5G LTE HD BOSS, Televes T-Force B.O.S.S. technology provides for excellent dynamic range and it is also combined with A.G.C. function. Whether in Automatic(*) or Passive mode, the DAT HD antenna offers exclusive functionality to maximise the reception of the DTT, while filtering the 5G-LTE signal from UHF channel 49 (695 MHz) and above.

(*): The Active/Automatic mode is activated with a 12-24 Vdc coaxial power supply or amplifier.



Technical features

– Reception band: From UHF channel 21 up to 48 (MHZ 470 … 694)
– Rejection of 5G interference: From UHF channel 49 (MHZ 695) and above
– Combines 2 technologies in Active Mode: Televes T-Force and Televes Β.O.S.S.
– Gain (passive): 17dBi
– Gain (active) : up to 42dBi max T-Force B.O.S.S.
– Output Level (active only): Self-regulating
– Noise figure (active only): 1,2dB
– Recommended signal level (passive): >75 dBμV
– Recommended signal level (active) : <75 dBμV
– Powering (Active Mode): 12-24 Vdc
– Consumption (active): 40 mA/24v
– Beamwidth: 30 degrees
– F/B ratio: >20db
– Windload: 120N (@ 130 Km/h), 165N (@ 150 Km/h)


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