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Edision Aluminium Satellite dish 85cm diameter


Edision Satellite dish 85cm Aluminium Edision Satellite Dish designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite.

A satellite television installation allows you to receive television and radio services through a satellite dish.

Get free to air channels using EDISION Satellite 85cm Aluminium dishes. Combine satellite system with digital receivers containing satellite encrypted keys for personal or professional use and get TV channels worldwide. Depending on location satellite dish alignment and size is different. guarantee maximum performance against corrosion, resistance to wind and ease of installation. Aluminum and steel dish reflector, with  LNB holder, Folding arm for fast and easy mounting, Pre-mounted support and arm.

Use lyngsat to navigate and get frequencies and transporters for Satellite TV channels.

Installation of a satellite dish require a fully load equipment for setting up and alligning. Placing the dish on the wall or on the floor using different kinds of support bases. Combine EDISION Satellite dish choosing between different brands, qualities and specifications LNBs.Connect up different satellites and convert different inputs into one receiver using EDISION diseqs. Get free to air channels, Standard and High definition by encoding satellite signal to DVB-S using a satellite receiver.

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- Color: White
- Diameter: 85cm
- Height: 85cm
- Width: 80cm
- Material: Aluminium
- Gain: 39.5dB
- Support base diameter: 30...60mm
- LNB stem diameter: 23-40mm
- Tilt angle (elevation): 15°- 52°
- Manufacturer: EMME ESSE

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Weight 5,5 kg
Sat Dish Material


Sat size

85 cm



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