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 S-QOTKSDD 1J 1X9/125 ITU-T G657A2 


  • fibers: 1;
  • weight: 8,4 kg/km;
  • diameter: 3 mm;
  • fiber type: G657A2;
  • coating thickness: PU 0,75 mm;
  • max tensile strength (installation): 800 N;
  • crushing resistance: 500 N / 100 m.

Product can be purchased per meter

S-QOTKSdD is a universal drop- type fiber cable for indoor and outdoor use. The outer shell (thickness about 0.7 mm) is made of polyurethane, it is resistant to UV radiation and the negative effect of weather conditions. The offered product is equipped with one G.657.A2 type fiber placed in a blue tube. The 657.A2 fiber is distinguished by a better flexibility than the  652.D, which is why it can also be successfully used inside residential buildings in places where the cable needs to be run, for example along the wall. This optical fiber is distinguished by its small outside diameter – 2.9 mm and weight – about 8.8 kg / km.

The cable has been reinforced with a large amount of aramid fibers (8 den), the maximum tension force (momentary / installation) is 800 N. S-QOTK is completely dielectric, it can be successfully used in overhead installations and telecommunication ducts. Perfect as a connection between the pole and the customer. The cable is supplied on a plastic roll that allows convenient unwinding.

The maximum span: in the Polish conditions marked as NESC Heavy (due to icing and low temperaure), the maximum span is 30 meters! Correspondingly for lighter climatic conditions, the span is: NESC Medium: 56 meters, NESC Light: 112 meters.



Fiber optic

1 fiber G.657.A2

Singlemode 9/125 um


Blue color

Diameter 900 um

Aramid fibers

8 den

Coating material


external coating material

0,7 mm (± 0,1)

Cable diameter

2,9 mm (± 0,1)

outer coating colour


Cable weight

8,8 kg/km

Maximum tension force

(installation / momentary)

800 N

Bending radius (during operation)

10x cable diameter

Bending radius (during installation)

15x cable diameter

Permissible operating temperature

From -20 to 70 degrees Celsius

Permissible installation temperature

From -10 to 60 degrees Celsius

Fiber properties G.657A2


1310nm: ≤ 0,36 dB/km

1383nm: ≤ 0,35 dB/km

1550nm: ≤ 0,27 dB/km

1625nm: ≤ 0,30 dB/km

PMD coefficient

≤ 0,1  dB (ps/√km)

Wave cutoff lenght

1260 nm

Zero chromatic dispersion

1300 – 1324 nm

chromatic dispersion edge

≤  0,09 ps / (nm^2 *  km)

chromatic dispersion

1285 – 1330 nm: ≤  3.0 ps / (nm^2 *  km)

1550 nm: ≤ 18 ps / (nm^2 *  km)

Module field diameter

8,6 μm ± 0,4

Core decentricity

≤ 0,3 μm

Coat diameter (cladding)

125 μm

Core non-circularity

≤ 0,5%

The refractive index

1.4690 at 1310 nm

1.4695 at 1550 nm

Macrosign suppression

1 coil, diameter 20 mm:

0.75 dB / km at 1550 nm

1.5 dB / km at 1625 nm

10 coils, diameter 30 mm:

0.25 dB / km at 1550 nm

1 dB / km at 1625 nm


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