MAST SPLITTER 3 ways F 5-2400Mhz OMS-3

Model: OMS-3
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Package includes:

  • Mast Splitter OMS-3
  • Installation outdoor box
  • Tie-wrap
  • Upat and mounting screws


The EDISION MAST SPLITTER 3 ways F 5-2400Mhz OMS-3 is included in a special installation box, suitable for outdoors, which is constructed from special synthetic material, with fully sliding and detachable front panel and detachable/movable coaxial cable insertion point. On the back side, it features anchoring design and multiple fitting points with tie (included) and also ready-to-drill holes for upat and screws (included).

Inside the box, with reclining mechanism for ease of connections and installation, is an all-band RF splitter with F-female type plugs and nickel plated high quality zinc diecast casing. It is designed and manufactured with high standards, featuring low through loss, high isolation and can be used in all TV antenna installations, both for Terrestial and Satellite TV signal, when the coaxial cabling needs splitting to 3 outputs.

MAST SPLITTER 3 ways F 5-2400Mhz OMS-3 with its DC-pass in all OUT-to-IN ports, it facilitates the technician in satellite TV installations and also, when DC-pass is needed, for example, to power active dipole antennas and mast amplifiers.

Barcode: 5200378402962

SKU: 12-11-0007

Technical features:
- Outdoor type All-band MAST splitter RF with F-female type plugs, included in installation box
- Installation options: mast or wall mounting
- Frequency Range: 5-2400 Mhz, Impedance: 75 Ohm
- Input ports: 1
- Output ports: 3
- Nickel plated high quality zinc diecast casing
- Through loss TERR.: 8 dB
- Through loss SAT.: 9 dB
- DC Pass: all OUT ports to IN port, 12vdc/24vdc, up to 500mA maximum
- Dimensions with Installation box (W x H x D): 78x85x42 mm
- Packing: High Quality colored giftbox with hanging port

Insertion loss (IN/OUT) maximum:
- 5-40 MHz: 6.5 dB
- 471-1000 MHz: 8.0 dB
- 1001-1350 MHz: 9.0 dB
- 1351-1750 MHz: 9.5 dB
- 2051-2400 MHz: 11.0 dB

Isolation (OUT/OUT) minimum:
- 5-40 MHz: 18 dB
- 471-1000 MHz: 21 dB
- 1001-1350 MHz: 21 dB
- 1351-1750 MHz: 20 dB
- 2051-2400 MHz: 20 dB

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