9-Port Gigabit POE Switch

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Model: RG-ES209GC-P

Highlight Features
9-Port gigabit cloud managed switch with 8 PoE+ ports
Cost-Effective Smart Cloud Managed Switches
IP Camera Recognition, Unique Value for CCTV Network
Automatic Loop Prevention Ensures Service Continuity
Lifetime management on Ruijie Cloud at anytime anywhere

9-Port Gigabit POE Switch

The Cloud switches are well-designed and easy to use, the metal enclosure will ensure strong resistance to impacts. With a variety of wired and wireless connectivity, it is perfect for small office and home office environments. The cloud managed switch can connect internet devices, Gigabit interfaces and 8 PoE+ interfaces simultaneously with high efficient network speed!

9-Port Gigabit POE switch can automatically identify and assign IP addresses to all connected devices. Uniquely, it can also detect IP cameras on the network, provide easy configuration and saving energy by recognizing cameras’ working modes.

Ruijie cloud manages the device remotely and provides a comprehensive solution for enterprise management. It can help prevent man-made accidents or other potential threats and ensure your business security in real time.

Switch type

POE switch

Switch ports(networking)

9 ports


Ruijie 9-Port Gigabit POE Switch  Data sheet


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