714506 NEVOSWITCH 5x5x24

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Product description:

714506 NEVOSWITCH 5x5x24 belongs to a new range of input/multiple output switches, (from 4 to 32, according to reference). It can be used as a cascade element since it has 5 outputs to connect to other switches and increase the number of users. It has the following powering options: – Through the Power DC Jack (12 Vdc), – Through the V-Low input (12 Vdc). Through the TERR input or output. – Applying 12 /18V at any user output. 12V DC passes through the Terr and V-LOW input/output to power pre-amplifi ers, BOSS antennas, LNB or other elements (cascade). The switch can generate the required voltage or voltage + tone (QUAD references) so its compatible with any QUAD LNB. The user can select the direction of the current/voltage through the TERR input/output using the Switch No. 1. This range of products has been designed with the ECO system: as the number of users decreases, the power consumption of the system will decrease as well. When no users are connected and theres no local mains, the consumption will go down to 0A. In this case scenario, to see the DTT signal at least one user must be connected to the system to power it. Any signal must balanced to 75 ohms (Switch No. 2) in the last element of the chain for the proper operation of the system. This range allow to control the output signal level of every user individually. (Not available for the QUAD range).

Technical features:

– Type 5x5x24
– Switch 1 (VDC): Switch to allow remote powering of an amplification headend or pre-amplifiers, BOSS antennas, etc (Terr).
– Switch 2 (cascade/terminal): Switch to choose between cascade transition or terminal load configuration.
– Frequency range MHz: SAT 950-2400 , TER 47-862
– Input level dB΅V: SAT 105 , TER 92
– Through losses db: SAT 4,5 … 5 , TER 6
– Tap losses db (Att 10 dB) : SAT 1..8 / 9..16 /17..24 / 25..32 , 2 / 5 / 9 / –
– Tap losses db (GAIN) : TER 1..8 / 9..16 /17..24 / 25..32 , 4 / 2 / 0 / .
– Isolation db: SAT IN-OUT >30 , SAT OUT N-OUT N±1 >25
– LNB control signals: mA LNB/TER/ Input max. 250 , Total 1
– Powering: Vdc 12
– DC pass In-Out /Out-In
– Max. total consumption mA: Power Supply 12Vdc (PWR) 175 , Receiver (12/18V) 40 (35 mA + PSU POWER if not external PSU)
– Temperature Range C : -5 C… +45 C
– Protection level: IP20
– Dimensions mm 140x383x30
– 2-year warranty

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