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Product description:

714609 NEVOSWITCH 9×9 amplifier belongs to a new range of input/multiple output switches. NEVOSWITCH 9 is a range of 9 input multiswitches (8 satellite polarities + Freeview), available in 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 user outputs. Expand the number of users by cascading two or more units. Small and compact design to provide an easy and quick installation. The range includes a 9x line amplifier with 25 dB average gain for Satellite inputs and 27 dB gain for Terrestrial with DC pass. 75 ohms switch included to load the unit (standalone) or not (cascade configurations). Highlights: Radiation inmune thanks to its zamak made chassis. All switch references are valid for standalone, star or cascade configuration. Selectable IF gain (+10 dB) for each group or 8 users to balance the output signals. Multiple powering options: mains and line powered. ECO mode: the overall consumption is reduced as the number of users decreases. Main features: Small sized design: Make the most of space to accomodate more TV subscribers.

Main features:
– Use the same multiswitch in either star/cascade or standalone configuration.
– Independent amplification of every feed (8 satellite plus Freeview).
– Multiple powering options: mains and line powered.
– Adjustable gain and equalization to achieve the best performance for every system’s requirements.

Technical features:

– Type 9×9 multiswitch amplifier
– Switch 1 (VDC): Switch to allow remote powering of an amplification headend or pre-amplifiers, BOSS antennas, etc (Terr).
– Switch 2 (cascade/terminal): Switch to choose between cascade transition or terminal load configuration.
– Frequency range MHz: SAT 950-2400 , TER 47-862
– Input level dB΅V: SAT 110 , TER 105
– Max gain: SAT 25, TER 27, Regulation 10, Slope 0 … 7
– Equaliser: SAT 6, TER 7
– Through losses db: SAT – , TER –
– Tap losses db (Att 10 dB) : SAT 11 TER 17
– Isolation db: SAT IN-OUT >30
– LNB control signals: mA LNB/ Input max. 250 , TER Total 1A
– Powering: Vdc 12
– DC pass In-Out /Out-In
– Max. total consumption mA: 700
– Temperature Range C : -5 C… +45 C
– Protection level: IP20
– Dimensions mm 140x120x30
– 2-year warranty


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