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Wireless Infrared Repeater System Kit

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  • DC5V power adaptor
  • Transmitter and receiver system kit


So you want to instal your stereo system speakers in the dinning room so as to play some nice music over dinner while hosting your guests BUT you can’t change the volume or songs selection without going to the hall physically to adjust the volume control on your receiver right?This is not a problem at all with our Wireless Infrared Repeater Kit!!

Basic Function :

To control audio and video devices like AV receiver, DVD Bluray player, and satellite receiver set top box STB etc, that are located in another room or hidden in your AV component cabinet.

This wireless remote control transmitter and receiver system kit allows you to control devices between 30 to 150 meters away through walls, doors, ceilings, floors, etc.  Note that different home build up and wireless equipments use at home may affect IR transmitting distance.

Beside using the included DC5V power adaptors, both the Transmitter (TX) and Receiver Block (RX) can also be powered up by the USB ports of A/V devices.

Set Up :

Wireless Receiver Block is to be placed in the same locations as the devices you are trying to control. When it gets the signal from the Transmitter Block, the IR emitter connected on the Receiver block will send the signals to respective devices inside the cabinet. ( Dual Eye IR Emitter, Quad Eye IR Emitter optional). Wireless Transmitter Block is at the location where remote control will be taking place. It is connected with an IR Receiver which receive signals from remote control.  Upon receiving the signal from IR Receiver, the transmitter will send signal to Receiver Block at another location. Additional Wireless Transmitter block can be purchased if user want to remote control from more locations.

Package Content for Model WL-T2

1x Transmitter Block T1(TX) 32x20x20mm
1x Receiver Block (RX)           70x33x21mm
1x IR Receiver Cable 1.5m
1x IR Emitter Cable 1.0m
2x USB DC5V Adaptor
2x USB/DC5.5mm cable 0.5m
1x User manual


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