Skytower Limassol

Project completed

Our technical staff took over the Design & Installation of Terrestrial and Satellite Systems of Skytower located in Limassol including Fiber Optic equipment

  • 23 Floors
  • 294 End Points
  • 80 Apartments

Access to:

  • 4 Satellites (HOTBIRD | ASTRA19 | BADR | 16EAST)
  • Local TV Channels
  • FM Radio

EDISION & TELEVES Equipment used

Using professional equipment we undertake this project by implementing Satellite Dishes, Fiber Optic LNBs, Multiswitches, Amplifiers , Cables , Wall Sockets and many more. Additionally metrics and analytics were tested by Expertise Signal Meters provided by Televes.

Rapid Electronics strive to meet our clients expectations


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