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hdmi modulator

EDISION HDMI Modulator Mini

New EDISION HDMI Modulator Mini. The constant value with all the features of EDISION modulators, now in an unbeatable Μini size and extra attractive low price. High quality up to Full HD DVB-T MPEG4 signal from any HDMI source with video resolution up to 1080p on VHF & UHF bands and modulation output with MER> 35 dB meets the exciting PLUG & PLAY function in this mini-sized modulator for easy and quick setup with 50 selectable IDs.

In a size that will offer the flexibility that every professional is looking for, it will be the ideal tool for every technician for HD Signal Distribution in Bars, Clubs, Offices, Conference Centers and Homes. Designed for the installation of today, the EDISION HDMI Modulator Mini offers you the ideal combination of features in extremely compact dimensions. Immediately available on Rapid Electronics.

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