IR Extender over RF Coaxial Distribution

Model: FIR 107T
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For Operation you need:

  • DC Pass Splitters
  • RF Amplifiers with Return Path option


The infrared receiver on the FIR 107T will receive the infrared signal from the remote control in your room and send the signal through the coax cable in your home to the FIR 107R in the living room.

FIR 107R(receiving host) will re-transmit the signal to its infrared transmitter, sending the signal to your audio/video equipment.

In order to have excellent operation you need:w

For extra transmitters you might need FIR 107T TRANSMITTER MODULE


The system consists of FIR 107R(receiver host) and FIR 107T(transmitter host).

1. FIR 107R(receiving host) is located in the same location as the audio/video source.Living room

Living room – connect FIR 107R(receiver host) to coaxial cable, paste the infrared transmitter on FIR 107R on the infrared sensor of audio video equipment.

FIR 107T(transmitter host)- placed in another location (for example: room) where you want to remotely control the audio/video source (living room).

Room – FIR 107T(transmitter host) is connected to coaxial cable in the room (living room) where you want to control your A/V equipment.FIR 107T infrared receiver receiving remote control signal, and the signal sent to the living room.

Please note that the remote control must be with the infrared receiver’s line of sight in order to control well.

(the two wall sockets must be connected to each other and support 11mhz before they can work normally)

SKU: 26-05-0005

Rceeiving Frequnecy 30-60KHz
Emitting Frequency 38KHz
power DC 5V

needing attention

1. Keep away from humid, high temperature, dusty, corrosive and oxidizing gas environment to avoid damage.

2. Components shall be free from strong vibration, collision, knocking, falling and damage.

3. Do not touch the power adapter plug of the machine with wet hands.

4. When unplugging the adapter plug from the power socket, please hold the plug and do not pull the power cord.

5. When the machine is not in use, please turn off the power (if it is not in use for a long time, please unplug the power adapter)

6. Do not open the cover or touch any device in the machine.

7. Use the power adapter provided by or approved by the manufacturer

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