ML25LT-S3016 MAGLITE ML25LT 3x C LED Flashlight black

Model: ML25LT-S3016
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Package includes:

  • MAGLITE ML25LT-S3016 3x C LED flashlight, in black color


ML25LT-S3016 MAGLITE ML25LT 3x C LED flashlight, in black color, is designed and manufactured with the highest standards and top quality materials, to offer you performance and reliability. It features MULTI-MODE lighting function to offer you the best results under many conditions at work, at home or anywhere you need it. From our Legacy Collection and for the true Maglite fan, the ML25LT-S3016 MAGLITE ML25LT 3x C LED Flashlight black has long been a favorite and solid performer. Designed and manufactured for the demanding user.


  • MAXIMUM power for 173 lumen brightness and up to 18h run time.
  • HANDS-FREE CANDLE MODE: Unscrew the head, place it upside down on a flat, even surface, and plug the flashlight barrel upside down into the head.

Barcode:  038739880662



ML25LT-S3016 MAGLITE ML25LT 3x C LED Flashlight black *= This warranty does not cover any of the following: 1. Battery exhaustion, 2. Battery leakage, 3. LED burnout and/or LED module failure, 4. Damage to or failure of the flashlight or any component thereof due to alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of maintenance.

- Simple twist head (ON/OFF - Focus)
- Focusing beam - turn head further to adjust from SPOT to FLOOD
- Rugged machined aluminum construction
- Water Resistant: Yes, IPx4
- Drop Resistance: 1 meter
- Light Source: LED
- Lumens: 173
- Beam distance: 309 meters
- Peak Beam Intensity: 23947 cd
- Run Time High: 18 hours
- Power Management: Yes, basic
- Battery type: 3 Χ C Cell Alkaline (not included)
- Rechargeable flashlight: No
- Head Diameter: 43.18 mm
- Barrel Diameter: 30.48 mm
- Length: 218.44 mm
- Package: Blister
- Color: Black


Download Images ML25LT S3016 BLACK DoC
Download Images ML25LT S3016 3C LED black DATASHEET


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