SF2LRE6L MAGLITE Mag-Tac 2 plain 2x CR123 LED Flashlight black

Model: SF2LRE6L
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Package includes:

  • MAGLITE SF2LRE6L Mag-Tac2 LED Plain Bezel flashlight, in black color
  • Pocket Clip detachable
  • 2 Χ CR123 Lithium batteries.


SF2LRE6L MAGLITE Mag-Tac 2 LED flashlight, with 2x extreme-performance CR123 lithium batteries, a detachable pocket clip and PLAIN BEZEL, in black color, is designed and manufactured with the highest standards and top quality materials, to offer professionals its high-end performance and reliability.

Designed in an all-new 2-ring barrel groove handling format, with extensive input from police tactical users, yet suitable also for civilian use, this next generation plain-bezel version MAG-TAC 2 LED flashlight comes with a detachable pocket clip and features 3 MODES to offer you the best results under many demanding conditions at work or anywhere you need it: Two power levels MAXIMUM power for extreme brightness and LOW power to save energy for prolonged battery life plus a MOMENTARY mode (in which the light stays on only while the switch button is being pressed). All selectable through Mag Instruments tail cap-switch-activated QuickClik mode selector. Designed and manufactured for the professional in the army and security sector, as well as for the demanding user.

National Tactical Officers Association Recommended: The NTOA Member, Tested and Recommended Program, has tested more than 2,000 products in real-world situations since 2003. Many law enforcement agencies regard it as paramount to their product purchasing decisions.


  1. MAXIMUM power for extreme brightness.
  2. LOW power to save energy during prolonged use.
  3. MOMENTARY mode. The light stays on only while the QuickClik switch button is being pressed.
    (All selectable through tail cap-switch QuickClik mode selector)


Barcode: 038739673769



SF2LRE6L MAGLITE Mag-Tac 2 plain 2x CR123 LED Flashlight black *= The warranty does not cover any of the following: 1. Battery exhaustion, 2. Battery leakage, 3. LED burnout and/or LED module failure, 4. Damage to or failure of the flashlight or any component thereof due to alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of maintenance.


Download Images SF2LRE6L MAGLITE Mag-Tac 2 plain MANUAL


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