M3A012 MINI MAGLITE 2x AAA Flashlight black

Model: M3A012
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Package includes:

  • Spare light bulb
  • Presentation Box
  • 2 Χ AAA alkaline batteries


M3A012 MINI MAGLITE 2x AAA flashlight, is designed and manufactured with the highest standards to offer you high-end performance and reliability. With its pocket clip and Xenon Incandescent light bulb, it is practical for simple everyday use. It is also used by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS for aimiing light straight into the human eye for medical testing purposes. It has the classic look and compact size and the same simple operation, just twist the head to turn it on, turn it off and focus the light beam.

Color: Black

Barcode: 038739162056



M3A012 MINI MAGLITE 2x AAA Flashlight black *= This warranty does not cover any of the following: 1. Battery exhaustion, 2. Battery leakage, 3. Bulb failure, 4. Damage to or failure of the flashlight or any component thereof due to alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of maintenance.

- Preferred light for ophthalmologists and medical professionals and in all cases that we need light straight into the human eye to check and perform medical test procedures
- Candle Mode: Unscrew the head, place it upside down on a flat, even surface, and plug the flashlight barrel upside down into the head
- Water Resistant: Yes, IPX4
- Drop Resistance: 1 meters
- Light Source: (Xenon) Incandescent
- Lumens: 9
- Beam distance: 31 meters
- Peak Beam Intensity: 243 cd
- Run Time High: 2h30min
- Run Time Low: -
- Run Time Eco: -
- Power Management: No
- Battery type: 2 Χ AAA
- Rechargeable flashlight: No
- Head Diameter: 19 mm
- Barrel Diameter: 12.70 mm
- Length: 127 mm
- Package: Presentation Box
- Color: Black


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