SP2P10H MINI MAGLITE PRO 2x AA LED Flashlight silver

Model: SP2P10H
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Package includes:

  • MINI MAGLITE PRO 2x AA LED flashlight, in silver color
  • Holster
  • 2 Χ AA alkaline batteries


SP2P10H MINI MAGLITE PRO 2x AA LED flashlight, in silver color,  is designed and manufactured with the highest standards and top quality materials, to offer you high-end performance and reliability, with 351 Lumens and beam distance up to 181 meters. Plus, it also offers you advanced features to deliver the best results under many demanding conditions, such as the 2 MODES for two output levels, one for maximum brightness, the other to conserve power. (High/Low) and the next generation of MAG-LED technology, for a whole new level of brightness and a high intensity light beam. In a sleek compact design, the Pro+ includes a lanyard ring tailcap and is built from high strength aluminum alloy tough enough to last a lifetime of use. So whether you are into outdoor activities such as, camping, hiking or are a professional, aircraft mechanic, security, technician or just need a portable light with a high powered light beam, the iconic Mini Maglite Pro+ is second to none.


Color: Silver




SP2P10H MINI MAGLITE PRO 2x AA LED Flashlight silver*= This warranty does not cover any of the following: 1. Battery exhaustion, 2. Battery leakage, 3. LED burnout and/or LED module failure, 4. Damage to or failure of the flashlight or any component thereof due to alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of maintenance.

- HANDS-FREE CANDLE MODE: Unscrew the head, place it upside down on a flat, even surface, and plug the flashlight barrel upside down into the head
- Water Resistant: Yes, IPx4
- Drop Resistance: 1 meter
- Light Source: LED with Next-generation LED for a whole new level of brightness
- Lumens: 332
- Beam distance: 172 meters
- Peak Beam Intensity: 7399 cd
- Run Time High: 2h 30min
- Run Time Low: -
- Run Time Eco: -
- Power Management: Yes, dynamic
- Battery type: 2 Χ AA Alkaline
- Rechargeable flashlight: No
- Head Diameter: 25.4 mm
- Barrel Diameter: 18 mm
- Length: 167.8 mm
- Package: Blister
- Color: Silver


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