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Package includes:

  • Line Amplifier LIA-200
  • Plastic screwdriver for adjustments
  • Upat and mounting screws
  • Manual GR/EN/DE/ES/IT/FR


EDISION LINE AMPLIFIER LIA-200 5G 24db 2out is a DVB-T/T2 Digital Terrestrial and FM Radio line amplifier.

It can be used on a coaxial cable line with television signal from a primary amplifier, for additional amplification of a weakened television signal, to a group of televisions in the building and/or to an apartment/group of televisions in it. It has 1 common signal input, for the UHF and VHF/FM bands, with an independent gain control for each one, for the appropriate selection by the technician. With its 2 outputs, it provides the possibility of connecting 2 lines of coaxial cable, for the corresponding distribution to the televisions.

It has a 5G LTE interference cut-off filter and its circuit is contained in a fully metal shell, for protection against electromagnetic interference. This unit is inside a box made of synthetic material with compact dimensions, together with its power supply. It has a cover and internally on the amplifier, there are the signal input and output indicators and access to the input signal frequency/bandwidth controls.

– Power Supply: AC 100-240 50/60Hz
– Power Consumption: max. 7W
– Operating Temperature: 0°C … +50°C
– Storage Temperature: -20°C … +70°C
– Humidity Range: 10% … 85% RH, non-condensing
– Dimensions (W x H x D): 70x125x35 mm
– Weight: 0,23 kg
– Color: white
– Packing: High Quality colored giftbox with hanging port
– Warranty: 2 years

SKU: 11-05-0006

Barcode: 5200378403099

- Line Amplifier for Digital Terrestrial DVB-T/T2 TV channels, with 5G LTE interference cutoff
- For INDOOR use only
- Frequency Range UHF/VHF: 47-694 MHz
- Protection from 5G LTE interference: YES
- 5G LTE interference rejection: <20dB
- Input ports: 1 UHF/VHF (includes FM)
- Output ports: 2
- Maximum Output Level: 104 dbμV
- Adjustable gain UHF: 12 up to 24 dB, VHF/FM: -2 up to 14 dB
- Individual trimmer switch, for adjusting the gain of each band
- Noise Figure: 7 dB
- Impedance: 75 Ohm
- Connections: Type-F plugs, female
- Powering: on board 220v transformer with 2PIN EU plug

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Download Images MANUAL EDISION LIA-200
Download Images CE UKCA EDISION LIA-200


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